Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Keep Calm...

Loving this etsy vendor, TheKeepCalmShop. One of these would be oh so cute in our bathroom. At just $8.00 (without shipping) they are an inexpensive and unique way to add a little personality to your house.

And these helpful little reminders from SweetpeaKidPrints

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Few More MUST's

Now that we're moved in and, for the most part, unpacked there are a few items that we still need on our MUST list in order to really feel like we're settled. Here they are:

1. A chandelier for the dinning area

2. Blinds for the guest room and big fat window near the pantry

3. Runner rug for the hallway
4. Pantry drape solution

Here's what I have in mind...

1. Chandelier

2. Hallway Runner
Both from my new favorite site, Shades of Light.

3. Basic Blinds

4. Pantry Drape Solution

Not too sure what right now...keep going back and forth between a fun print and something neutral and plain so as not to draw attention to it, after all it isn't a feature :)


Monday, March 14, 2011

The Beginning of the "Afters", also known as, "Geesh, I need a better camera!"

Welcome to our first home! It's been about 2 months of renovating (read: blood, sweat, tears, and oops') but we made it and we love our new home. We still have many projects calling our names each night as we go to bed but so is the life of being a home owner. Take a look around.

Office in progress. I can already feel a post coming in the near future about this space. Right now it's a little cluttered, but it's super functional and works for us as of now.

View of the front yard from our office window.

Office shelving, my favorite part of the office.

Did I say that the shelving was my favorite part of the office? I meant that having Jack's play area across from the office/ craft room is my absolute favorite feature!

Play with me, please!

Play area leads to the kitchen.

Kitchen. We still need a back splash, but other than that here it is. The color doesn't really show up in the photos, but it's a warm, creamy yellow.

View from the stove, love how open it the spaces are!

Looking from the dining area back into the kitchen. We're looking for some curtains to hide the pantry/laundry area. There's some of that yellow color.

Dining area and "bar".

Dining area rug

Our "bar" area.

Drink Up!

Fireplace, with child safety gate...anyone else feel enprisioned?


Standing at mantel looking at photo wall.

View of the front door and bar area, Jack's favorite walker is a side table :)

Living area, lots of natural light.

Closer look at the vintage prints above the couch.

View from our couches.

All smiles, he's right at home.

Hallway photo collage


Well, that's the tour for now. As I mentioned, plenty yet to do, the list includes, in no particular order:
Master bathroom, yep...as in the whole thing.
Install door bell
Last coat on base boards
Crown molding in master bedroom
Re-center bathroom light fixture
Outside overhaul
and the list goes on and on...I think I'll stop here before I start hyperventilating ;) One step at a time, and now that we're in there is no rush at all. Stop by again soon for more projects and updates.