How Did We Get Here?

11 Offers later we bought this sweet little piece of heaven....but I digress. How did we get here? As a stay at home mom I was perfectly content in my ccurrent situation...renting in a great neighborhood in a wonderful school district. The hubs on the other hand in one of those "motivated, go getter types" (thank goodness) and really felt that he HAD to buy.

Staying in Petaluma was a must due to it's proximity to work, family, friends and the great community. Our price range was often the "investment buyers" price range and often we were out bid, usually coming in a nice 2nd. Well, it all was meant to be because, believe it or not this house was in the worst condition, by far, however it was the largest and in a great neighborhood.

Although we are not finished with the reno, and as people say, "you'll never be done", we couldn't be happier with our FIRST place. We can't wait to get moved in....well, maybe once there's a toilet, and running water, and  a full bathroom, and not so much dust....ok, we do have a long way to go but we're motivated, excited and eager to make it happen.

Moving Day: New Years Eve....fingers WAY crossed!