Monday, May 23, 2011

Power Washing, Exterior Paint Prep

We spent this last weekend power washing the exterior of the house in hopes to paint the exterior next weekend...and by we, I mean my wonderful, amazing, hardworking hubs, John.

Oh, and let's not forget Jack, he helped too.

After John moved everything away from the house, he sprayed the entire exterior down with a bleach-water mix.
Poor, guy, he didn't complain once, and he does this all the time for work too.

Then he began power washing.

Here are the befores, dirty and moldy eaves.

Yep, we used to have birds in our rafter, that's poop people.

And afters! So much better, just think of how nice it'll look once it's got a fresh coat of paint on it too.

Here are our paint samples, we are going with the middle green-gray, Sage.

But, our house looks much prettier until next weeks painting! Stay tuned!

Pool Removal

Errr, swamp removal. Yep, this nasty "feature" that came with the house HAD to go. After draining it out, we were still left with this pleasant scene alligators were hurt during the pools removal.

Once it was as cleaned out as possible we started dismantling the structure which was MUCH easier than we expected.

While daddy handled the demo of the pool, Jack and I loaded the truck with it's carcass as well as the remaining tree clippings from our tree removal the weekend prior.

After the pool was down John took it to the recycling center, all of it was recycled free of charge!

One pool headed your way, recycling center. Good riddance!