Monday, June 27, 2011

A Little Zip and Polish to Our Entry

This weekend was filled with little projects around the house and we feel SO accomplished! Here is the new looking entry: new porch light (same 2 new lights on either side of the garage door as well.), and new house address numbers.
Just another "before" reminder.

A little closer look
They're the numbers that are raised off the siding, I really like them and think they contrast nicely with the house paint and trim.

Lights on either side of the garage too :)

Speaking of garage, we had a successful garage sale on Sautrday to get rid of the piles of unwanted items we were planning on dropping off at Goodwill.A profit of $100 later and some organization and cleaning we can now park a car in our garage! Most of the pile on the left is going to Goodwill and if anyone's in the market for that AWESOME fridge, let me needs a new home :)

I feel good and grateful to have had such a productive weekend, house is looking better and better, next step spruce up the front yard playpen {picket fence} and landscaping!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Paint Job

John decided that enough was enough and that he was going to tackle the exterior painting Memorial Day Weekend. He hired a guy from their company to help out for the two day feat. Jack joined Daddy for a little more prep before the painting was started.

Jack is pretty much in heaven, pretty sure John isn't :)

Now this is where Jack pouts...he can't play outside while they're painting, tried that last weekend during color sample time and he had paint from head to toe.

He's miserable, must help daddy!

At least he gets to watch!
Some of the prep and finished color on rear.

Jack finally is set free.

These two guys single handedly transformed our house from worst looking on the block to, not so shabby in just 2 days.

And the finished product...
Just need to pick out some new lights for the porch and either side of the garage door and we're "done" for now with the exterior. After lighting, new picket's the only thing shabbying up our yard. Thank you. John, you're the best!