Saturday, December 31, 2011

Master Bathroom: Done and DONE!

Tada! It's our small little master bathroom and I LOVE it! I cannot believe it's actually done and fully moved into. Take a peek around and let me know what you think.

I'm a big fan of mixing new with the old. Something about those vintage Ball jars that I cannot get enough of and the new marble, yum!

Loving the vanity, four drawers and storage on the bottom shelf for extra towels, toilet paper and my hair dryer etc means that we have plenty of storage space in this tiny area. I just love the towel storage because our linnen closet is all the way by the front door, I'm sure the neighbors will appreciate the lack of "Oh, I forgot to get a fresh towel" streaking {You're welcome, Michelle and Bob!}

There's something about this painting that I find oh so charming. John and I bought it for our first place together in Chico, thought it would be perfect in our little retreat.

Well, there it is. Our perfect little master bathroom {perfect= DONE!}. John has moved on to painting all the interior doors on our list is to tackle the backsplash in the kitchen. Taking bets on whether it gets done before the baby arrives. Thank you to the worlds BEST hubs for being crazy motivated. Thank you also to the worlds BEST father-in-law, Mike you rock for all your help and know-how. THANK YOU! Have a great weekend and a Happy 2012!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Open for Business!

Well, there are still a couple small things to be done, but for the most part the master bathroom is fully functional! Thank you to John and his dad, Mike they got all the plumbing finished today and it is a fully functioning bathroom. I might just have to take another shower today so I can test it out. Here was the day's progress.

John and Mike plumbed and attached the vanity and toilet, with Jack's supervision of course.

We ran into a couple of minor issues while installing the vanity today, but nothing that couldn't be fixed. First, the vanity we bought only comes with a backsplash...not a sidesplash, and trying to match that marbled top would be near impossible. Our solution? I thought we could use the same accent tile we used in the shower to tile the back and sidesplash. Not my first choice, but the best choice in my mind. This is the end product, thinking it might be a happy mistake afterall.

The second issue was that the plumbing prevents one of the large bottom drawers from closing all the way. Our solution? Notch out the drawer so that the plumbing doesn't have to be re-done. Mike took care of that and it closes perfectly, we have a two inch square missing from the back of the drawer {I call the other one!}.

The {somewhat temporary} shower curtain is hung and we are ready to enjoy our master bath! What's left? I need to buy some storage bins for the vanity shelf area, hang the mirror, and install the towel bars and toilet paper holdler. Other than that, we are good to go! What a wonderful Christmas present, a second bathroom! Check back soon for the "finished" product!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Master Bathroom Progress

Our master bathroom actually resembles a bathroom at this very moment! Today John figured out the tile floor layout, cut and installed the tile! We look so close to shower time. He still has to grout the floor and install the tile baseboards and then it's fixture installation time! I am getting VERY excited. Almost as excited as Jack was to help Daddy this morning.

Tiling foo!
The LAST tile!
You can't really tell in this lighting, but the wall paint color is a soft pale blue. I wanted a spa like feel, but nothing too overpowering. I am hoping that the color looks good in the bathroom light. We'll have to wait and see the color once the light fixture is installed after the tile dries. Hoping it looks great, after all it's the 2nd color we've tried. The first color was way to minty green.

The last thing that we will need to buy for the bathroom is the cu$tom gla$$ door$ for the $hower... did I mention that they're expensive? We will have to wait on ordering those because all Santa could swing this year was EVERYTHING else for the bathroom and we're feeling VERY lucky about that. Once it's all finished, I'll get a rod and shower curtain to hold us over until that time comes. But, I'm putting the cart WAY before the horse here, hoping for smooth toilet and vanity installation later on this week. We're optimistic that the bathroom will be done in time to really refer to it as our Christmas present. Fingers crossed.