Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Drool Over These

I would LOVE some of these metal, stacking chairs, they are my new obsession. I even like the pretty colors they can be painted, but prefer their natural splendor. I feel like they capture my style perfectly, industrial farm house eclectic...yep that's how I'd describe my style :) Very," Secrets of a Stylist" of me. But being that they are pricey...a girl can dream can't she.


Friday, November 11, 2011

Master Shower is quite the Looker!

Well, after 2 days of a professional working on our master shower it is obvious why people pay others to do's already done and it's perfect. I tiled the guest bathroom, and as much as I'm proud of can tell that I tiled it :) This one is oh so pretty and it's inspired us to get going on the floor (which we are tiling). We still have to texture the walls, tile the floor, buy a sink faucet, install vanity and faucet, and replace the light in there is horrid.

Here's the floor of the shower.

Our tight little master shower.

And a pretty shot of the accent tile up close.
Can't believe that it looked like this last week.

Here are two shots of our dining area chandelier looking a bit more moody.

Love the shadows it casts on the ceiling.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Shower Power and My Love Affair With a Chandelier

Our tile friend came by last night to let us know that there was a cancellation, and hence, an opening in his BUSY schedule for TOMORROW! {Which is now today} and wondered if we wanted him to do the shower, wow. Normal people might say that we hadn't even LOOKED at master bathroom tile, as in ever. Normal, right minded people would thank him for thinking of us and tell him we weren't ready, we didn't even have the tile. Normal people might have laughed it off...Well, apparently we aren't normal people. We said yes and right now he is tiling our master bathroom shower!

This meant that we made an appearance at Lowe's at the butt crack of the morning to look, discuss, pick out and {gulp} purchase tile. So this is what was in our budget AND tickled our fancy. The top photo is of the 2x2 tile that will be on the floor in the shower. The photo below is the large tile that will be on the walls.

And here are two photos of the accent tile, one with and one without the flash to showcase both the stone and the glass that will be featured as our accent tiles a bit over midway up the shower walls.

With flash to showcase the color of the glass pieces.

And while we were at it, you know being methodical and rational... we headed over to the bathroom vanity area and picked up this pretty young thing. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! We will each get 2 drawers, a small and a large and since there is no linen closet in {darn, I forgot my towel...running naked quickly and discreetly} close proximity it will allow us to store towels below on the shelving area along with a short waste bin since it's large and in charge and just fit in our tiny master bathroom.

We still have to purchase, and install ourselves, the master bathroom floor tile, a faucet and new light fixture...but other than that we just got ourselves a new master bathroom! It looked like this last night

Stay tuned for what it looks like later this evening.
And now for my new favorite light fixture...

Ok, so I realize that this isn't exactly some fancy photo shoot that really captures the ambiance of the chandelier, but's our house and my crappy camera so we're working with it. I'm sure a night photo would be best but I'm too excited to wait. But, seriously...I LOVE this chandelier. I think it's rustic but goes with our more modern industrial pendant lights too. Lowe's has several great chandeliers and smaller chandeliers right now...they mimick some of the great industrial/modern lights that are popular without the fancy price tag.

Here's one of it up close and personal.

And from a different angle, sigh...I love it.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lost of Little Projects = BIG Gratification!

This weekend we punched out some small projects, leaving us sore, but feeling quite accomplished! John started and completed the first coat mudding the master bathroom. Jack helped, of course. We are hoping to get the master bathroom done before the baby comes, as we know life will get a little crazy at that point so there's no time like the present.

Exiting the shower...soon to be shower area.

Jack and Daddy working together. Well, it wasn't all work for Jack. He helped me re vamp his playroom.

Here's the new look of the playroom, complete with new reading nook on the right.

These are the Ikea spice racks ($3.99) each, that I painted and installed as bookshelves! I just love the way they turned out and Jack and I already love reading together right there snuggled in the pillows.
I also painted and hung a mirror for he and I to practice speech, play and just be silly in front of. Jack adores clapping and laughing at himself. It's too cute to watch.

Hurricane Jack approves! It's already getting lots of love and use.

And here's the new look of the office. We got rid of our giant antique teachers desk (which I loved) but we got rid of it because it took up too much room in our little office. We used all items we already had, so this makeover cost us nothing.
It was all started by inheriting this beautiful, antique wood and glass bookcase from 1880. We decided we wanted to put it in the office so we got rid of the open shelving, giant desk and started to piece it together from there. I also started our floor to ceiling gallery wall, not much of a floor to ceiling gallery at the moment...but one day.
Desk area over looking the front yard.

Yikes, terrible photo, but too tired to retake :)

My favorite new print taken from pinterest and developed as a photo at costco...LOVE almost free/cheap art! Be awesome today!
A shot of our nifty bookcase, glass doors on the front of each shelf keeps them nice and dust free.

They open upward and roll into the bookcase above the books. SUPER neat, thank you Nana and Papa! In addition to all this work, we put new pulls on Jacks new dresser, I installed more shelving in the hoosier to house more of my craft supplies, John built shelving in the garage and we got the nursery laid out and cleared out...a lot accomplished, now I'm off to bed at a shameless 8:20pm. I hope you all had a great, productive weekend!