Monday, July 18, 2011

New Fence and a Plan

While I was away on a whirlwind visit to see a friend, John decided to redo our picket fence (aka, the playpen) in the front yard! We still have to paint it, but for just over a days work later, we have a wonderful, soundly built fence! Special thank you to John's dad, Mike for helping with the project and to Cathy for being on Jack watch.

He built a new gate, so it is now an official playpen! There's no more running around the block attempts without mama by your side anymore, Mr. Jack.

Some of the fence was still good to go. Almost all of the posts we're kept, but most of the pickets and horizontal supports were replaced.

New side gate too.
And I contributed something new too. Front yard landscaping plan...and a plant :) The entire front was rose bushes (yuck, sorry, but I can't stand roses) and a Camellia that we kept, on the far right. I have decided to buy another Camellia to put under the left window as well. I bought a Hydrangea (our wedding flower) to put in between the two Camellias. I still have yet to find the same variety Camellia, but the search continues.

The only issue with the plan is that the plants are predominantly green most of the year...with our green house, green lawn and green tree. So still looking into either some small planters to place on top of the brick mini pillars, although they seem like they'd be begging Jack to knock them over, some hanging plants to add some color, or planting a small flowers throughout the area until the new plants are larger. Ideas?

New Hydrangea acclimating to it's new home, hope to plant it in the next few days. I was hoping for a white one...but since none of them had flowers, I guess it will be a surprise.

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  1. Variegated Liriope or monkey grass is a nice sturdy plant. Of course it has green in it but since it's variegated it's got nice stripes of cream. We planted some white begonias and they look really nice in the spring and summer. You could always plant mums and then in the fall have some nice color. Hope your hydrangea does well-love hydrangea!