Monday, September 12, 2011

Front Yard Facelift

Welcome to the new, spruced up version of our front yard. I've added a new welcome mat, I've decided that those brown grassy type ones are less than ideal for hardwood floor entries. I was always sweeping up the grassy bits inside. So I opted for this one made from recycled plastic and rubber, $12 at Kohl's.
I made a little flare for the front door, still non the hunt for a fun little bit of ribbon to add to the bottom left, but looks fine for now.

And I finally committed to plants in the front yard area. More hydrangeas and ferns. I think they'll look great as they grow and gain some height. Love the way it looks.

Kind of a boring shot, but thinking that they'll look great once they mature a bit. I noticed that people always plant too closely and everything gets crowded. I spaced them with enough room to mature and with the idea in mind that I can always plant some annuals to brighten things up. Have a great week!

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