Saturday, December 17, 2011

Master Bathroom Progress

Our master bathroom actually resembles a bathroom at this very moment! Today John figured out the tile floor layout, cut and installed the tile! We look so close to shower time. He still has to grout the floor and install the tile baseboards and then it's fixture installation time! I am getting VERY excited. Almost as excited as Jack was to help Daddy this morning.

Tiling foo!
The LAST tile!
You can't really tell in this lighting, but the wall paint color is a soft pale blue. I wanted a spa like feel, but nothing too overpowering. I am hoping that the color looks good in the bathroom light. We'll have to wait and see the color once the light fixture is installed after the tile dries. Hoping it looks great, after all it's the 2nd color we've tried. The first color was way to minty green.

The last thing that we will need to buy for the bathroom is the cu$tom gla$$ door$ for the $hower... did I mention that they're expensive? We will have to wait on ordering those because all Santa could swing this year was EVERYTHING else for the bathroom and we're feeling VERY lucky about that. Once it's all finished, I'll get a rod and shower curtain to hold us over until that time comes. But, I'm putting the cart WAY before the horse here, hoping for smooth toilet and vanity installation later on this week. We're optimistic that the bathroom will be done in time to really refer to it as our Christmas present. Fingers crossed.

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