Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Busicks Have Landed!

Well, we're all in and LOVING it! It's been torture not having internet so get cozy and prepare yourself for a bunch of photos for one sitting.

Above, John gives the signal to move in....err, clean up and prepare to move over from the in-laws :)
Mike gets going on installing the dishwasher and fridge, turned out to be a pain and I'm sure he'll be perfectly content with life if he never has to attempt this again.

John finishes up the last coat of paint in the living and dinning rooms. One last coat of gray on the walls have really gotten rid of the blue-ish look. In my opinion, it's MUCH more gray these days. We still have to do one more coat in the hallway leading to the hall bathroom.

Moved all our furniture outside to bask in the sun, and so we could clean up and remove the thermal ply that was protecting the hardwood floors.

Fridge and washer good to go!

And the moment of truth....did we damage the floors? Did they buckled under really LOW temps?

Nope, shiny and new and ready for furniture!

Daddy breaks the news to Jack, "We can move in!" Smiles all around.

Our first night at the house, daddy tucks Jack into bed on Super Bowl Sunday.

Our house as of this morning at almost 7am (as you can see on our GIANT clock above the fireplace). And, yes...I let my kid get that close to the TV for his 20 mins that he gets a day. Now-a-days he only stays there for a few seconds on and off. Look at me trying to justify it, hahahah! Don't judge :)

Speaking of not are about to see our house, mess and all at day 3 of living here. It's NOT perfect by any you can see.

Office explosion

The new plan for the pantry: washer and dryer not stacked, side by side. Venting the dryer outside would be quite a pain if we stuck with stacking, so side by side it is. Also, the pantry shelving will be much more accessible for us with all shelves on top at eye level. We have also decided to place the microwave above the dryer (on right) on a shelf to free up counter space.

Kitchen, and dinning area. Note: the stove is ready for pick up tonight and hopefully sometime this week it'll be up and running, dinners have been...errr interesting.

View from the dinning area to the living area, still looking for that perfect (and afforable) area rug.

Yikes, a bit blurry, sorry. Living area looking toward the dinning area and Jack's play space (for now at least).

More view from living area.

Jack's room.

Bathroom (yikes these photos are not the best).

Naked shower awaiting it's purdy curtain later this week ( it's in the mail).

The master bedroom all cozy and ready for us after a long day of work and unpacking. Thanks for stopping by and I will hopefully be able to update soon. Check back for more decorating, organizing and projects.


  1. Not only do I like this, but I absolutely LOVE IT!!!!!!! Bravo Busicks!!! Let's have a party!

  2. your new home is absolutely beautiful! congratulations angi!!! xoxo mary

  3. Aww, congrats Angi! It's beautiful!! So glad you are finally able to move in, your husband and family did great work! Have fun with decorating!!!

  4. Time for a Vintage family party!!!!

    Seriously, you guys kicked ass - it is gorgeous and it is definitely going to be inspiration for us in the coming months. Maybe I can swap Jason's yard/grass/outside help for John's manly painting/demo/jack of all trades skills ;)

  5. Great job guys, the house looks great! And I especially love the pics of Jack and John. So sweet.