Friday, February 4, 2011

Sunday Fun-day!

Sunday is THE BIG day! We are all systems go for Sunday's move in day (PENDING catastrophic disasters) and we couldn't be more excited. We are as done as we "need" to be to comfortably live in the house...and John and Mike want their lives back, and so do I! There are a few "unfinished" projects majorly bothering John, but he'll have to live with them until he can get to them.

Like the doors, he wanted to paint them before move in, but WE'LL handle it for sure. We still need to paint the crown molding and base boards, but that should get done by Sunday. We also want to put one more coat on the living room, but that might have to come after Sunday. We still have to get appliances installed (minus the stove, we won't have that for another week), install the bathroom vanity now that the travertine is sealed, and do a major clean up.

Painted bathroom, ready for completion.

Office/craft room painted and ready to go!

Eat in portion of the kitchen (most likely a play area) painted and done.

John day dreaming of life in our new house! It's almost here!

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