Sunday, April 3, 2011


What a wonderful weekend filled with home improvement. Saturday morning hit, and it was operation more curb appeal via tree removal...."Wha. wha, what?" you ask, tree removal? I know, it sounds terrible taking out perfectly good trees, however these were huge redwoods that were too big for their spaces, one of which had to be removed so I could create a garden plot. Here are some before, during and after shots: Here is our main back yard area, right outside the living room, the day we bought the house.

A much less jungle looking back yard area today, still MUCH more to be done but an undeniable improvement.
Here is the soon-to-be garden plot area, before.

The garden area coming along.

Front yard before.

Our new and improved front yard, sans GIANT redwood, trimmed up tree (still awaiting Jack's swing), removed rose bushes from along the front of the house and we removed the planter boxes under the windows....good bye cats and hearts!

Front of house before.

Along the front of the house, today.

Right now we are looking forward to painting the exterior of the house. We have some colors in mind, thinking a gray green, and are narrowing it down. What do you think the perfect color would be? And, what would a front yard post be without a photo of Jack and John enjoying playing outside? Have a great week!

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