Sunday, January 30, 2011

Squeeling With Excitement Over Here!

Holy, What a difference a day makes with 4 Busick men under one roof! Our house is seriously making progress thanks to John, Mike and Grandad Larry, oh and Jack! Here's what they accomplished just today. Above photo- garbage disposal hooked up and kitchen sink plumbing finished.

Crown molding in living room, dining room, and hall way completed.

Jack LOVES hanging with the guys, no really, HE LOVES IT! He's so interested in what they're doing and makes a point to watch them and give them smiles the whole time. Grandad Mike installing the toilet, Jack approves as it IS his favorite pass time (to his mother's dismay).

Jack getting into mischief, making a run for it during our photo shoot visit.

Jack: maybe if I stay really still she won't notice me....

John and Grandad Larry cutting the crown.

Jack helping Daddy.

And the moment of truth....the first flush went well! Toilet and vanity installed!

Kitchen tile grouted!

Bathroom looking good :)

Can you tell I'm excited, more photos of our tiny bathroom.

Crown molding done! I cannot believe how much they accomplished today, I am VERY grateful for all their hard work! As you can tell by my over use of exclamation points! We're getting there, people!

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