Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kitchen Window Treatments

Deciding what kind of window treatments to go with when it comes to our two kitchen windows looks like it's coming to an end. I have narrowed it down to Top Down Bottom Up shades (above). I love that there are three looks: bottom up, top down and the combo. I also like that they are cordless, so they're kid friendly, will hide our neighbors fence/house yet let in ample light and they're energy insulating. The only issue, white or cream? I am leaning toward white for both windows to keep it bright and crisp as well as to tie in with the living room crown molding...otherwise we are moving the kitchen totally away from whites (like, none) and I don't want the spaces to have two completely different feels- earthy vs crisp and clean.

The only downfall with white is that there is nothing else white going on in the kitchen...weird? Not too sure. I want to keep them basic in color because I think we might go for a busier back splash and there's a lot of color going on in the living area anyway.

Here are the two windows in question. What kind of window treatments do you love?


  1. We did something right in the middle of bright white and cream and we really like it. We didn't want any yellow tones, so we went with the more white cream (if that makes sense). I want to say it was called "Froth".

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  3. What kind of window treatments do I love? Roman shades! They’re simply lovely to look at and they give a room a casual feel. Also, they are best when there’s a good view from the outside that you want to show off. Roxie @

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