Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Bar is Open For Business...kind of

Although there haven't been any posts in a few days, there has been A LOT OF work going on. John and his dad, Mike have been mudding the walls and ceilings. It looks great! Yesterday one of Mike's friends (business associates) came over to help us put in a header and take out the kitchen living room wall. Here it is in progress and the current state.


Now: I can almost see the kitchen now....almost.

This post has to stay right there at the corner because it's load bearing.


Now (not sure what happened to the photo, sorry)

In other, exciting news, a week from today our hardwood floors should be just about finished. Another friend of Mike's has a flooring company and is coming over to patch the hole (above) left by the previous owner when taking out the 4th bedroom and sanding the living room, dining room and hallways. We will apply the varnish. At that point we will really see some progress!

Although I might not be working every night I get the job of coordinating things during the day as well as being at the house for any business. Today, for example, I was at the house for our chimney inspection. They tell you that they will be there any time between 1-3pm and we just bundle up and wait :) Hard when you're at home waiting for these types of things, harder when you and your 13 month old are waiting around a construction zone in 35 degree weather. So we played outside a bit, watched a dvd on the laptop and walked, and walked and walked.

Fun times! More exciting progress in the week to come. We'll keep you posted!

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