Thursday, December 9, 2010

Theme of the Day: Holes

We have holes everywhere, holes in walls for electrical, holes in walls for recessed lights, outlets, and holes in walls for general demo. This is how it looks today:


AFTER: Here's the NEW and improved view from the front door, John and Mike removed the terrible living room wall (former bedroom #4 wall).

No wall!

AFTER: This "wall" will turn into a bar.


Looks tons better, I am SO EXCITED how it's coming along!

One place we don't have holes...our front door where our old hardware was. Here's our new door hardware from the Mannella family, THANKS! We love it!

Today is our first day of not working on the house, let's see if John will committ to his agreement made last night :)

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  1. Again, I am AMAZED at how quickly you guys are doing all of this! Its really coming along!!