Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day One Part 2

These are the photos to show progress made in day 1...A LOT was done! I just keep in mind the saying, "It's got to get worse before it gets better" and that it did!

I laid the carpet tiles in the craft room/office which is now Jack's (our one year old son's) play space on "clean project" days...days without dust, fumes etc.

Entry linoleum removed (Cathy did this...she's a machine!)

Good bye popcorn ceilings!

Good bye bathroom's the master bathroom. We removed both large windows and re framed the hall bath completely!

Removed the closet wall and vanity to make one large walk-in closet space.

No more popcorn in the master :) I have to admit, removing it was actually fun, yeah...I'm weird, but I loved it.

Replacing the floor boards in hall bath.
Drum roll, please....our bathrooms....from our side yard!

This was day one! An eventful day, MUCH more work to be done. Check back tomorrow for day 2.

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