Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Paint and HARDWOOD!

So things are moving and a shaking. John, Mike and I painted the living room, dining room, hallway and entry, office and bedrooms last night. We encountered one major bump (that wasn't realized until we finished for the night) the paint store gave us the wrong gray! When John ordered it they must have super imposed the numbers...we ordered: Pebble Beach - 1597 and they gave us Greystone - 1579, a green gray that didn't show green until this morning. Unfortunately, although it was their mistake, we made a mistake in not checking before we used it and therefore have to repurchase paint for the largest room in the house...BUMMER. But, to hit our first bummer this far in the game is very fortunate so I'll take it...reluctantly, but I'll take it.

Here's the office, it's called Summer Lime, and the photos don't do it justice. It's a limey yellow and should go well with the adjoining kitchen, but different enough to claim itself as it's own space. The ceiling is pitched and I painted it white to make it feel even more spacious. It's very airy and fresh.

Sunglasses on? Here's Jacks room, and I hate to say it, but it's MUCH brighter in person, I wish it actually looked like it does in the photos. We're keeping it though, might try to tone it down with Mike and John's tinting expertise but I just can't eat the cost of the GIANT living dining room paint AND Jack's room. So we're keeping it for now. Need to buy Jack some sleeping eye covers :) We bought kitchen paint, but haven't painted yet, it's a pretty yellow: Hawthorne Yellow, by Benjamin Moore (see photo below).

BEST news of the day, hardwood floors are on their way to beautiful!

Here the guys are patching the holes.

See, how gray-green the walls dried....they should be gray. Getting the right stuff today and should be able to re paint tonight. FUN times :)

I cannot contain my excitement for these floors. They are going to revitalize us and the house immensely. They will be sanded later today, stained tomorrow and we will be applying the varnish over the next 4 days....and fyi the guys informed me that they will in fact be working Christmas day...shocker, I know. 2 Weeks of work on the house has flown by...so much done and so much more to be done but we're getting there!


  1. It's going to be gorgeous Angi!!

  2. I really like the color in the living room...at least from photos. I am so impressed you have gotten so much done! I can't wait to see it! We chose a yellowish color for the kitchen as well...seriously scary how similar we are in what we like! Right now we are getting our new windows installed, I'm so excited for a warmer and energy efficient house!