Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 2:Opperation Beat the Storm

Day 2 was full of "hurry to beat the impending storm"....yeah, an actual storm, like rain and wind and such, hurry because our house was missing almost an entire side. This is how our house was left yesterday (well, they drilled up the old siding just to keep out visitors overnight) so hurry they did. Prepare yourself for TONS of photos.

My day started off with a trip to Home Depot (one of MANY to come) with a new toilet on top of my you can see I was barely able to see where I was going :) It was just under eye level.

By the time we got back Mike and my dad had the new floor boards in place and the wall was about to be re built.

Here comes our sparklie new cast iron tub.

A trip to the attic was made by John and my Dad to retrofit the beams in order to take out a wall in the living room. This was as far as I got...a little scary looking up there.

Blurry me taking down wall paper. Sorry, those geese are going.

Cathy working usual. Notice all the wall paper on the floor.

John starting to remove the living room entry wall...turned out to be built with WAY TOO many nails and hidden inside the walls were enough beer cans and hard alcohol bottles for a big party.

Papering the exterior wall, getting it ready for the siding. Notice our smaller sized window attempt to keep the bathrooms well lit and ventilated while preventing water damage in the future.

John installs the windows.

LOVE our front yard tree, John thinks it drops too many leaves.

My dad smiling at a job well done.

Jack enjoys the craft room/office space we got ready for him to use as a play area. It only lasted for 20 mins until Granny wore him in the Ergo.

Finished (unpainted) siding! They did it...good thing the car port was there because it was storming for a few hours at this point.

Jack enjoying watching his mommy and Granny continue taking the wall paper down in the kitchen.

Awww, love him!

NO geese or little pink flowers!

Hall bath from the inside, finished for today :)

Master bath at the end of the day.

John starts mudding the ceilings and patching tomorrow after WORK (he's a manimal). Check back for more progress.


  1. Looks great! At the pace you're going you'll be moving in in no time.
    If John needs to cut down trees we might have a couple more around here for him.

  2. This is awesome! It will definitely be move in ready by the New Year...or next week at the rate you all are going. Jack is so adorable...and he grew like over night!