Monday, December 6, 2010

Weeknight Work

It has been all go, go, go so I've only had time to give you little captions of what's going on with the photos. Weeknights are a different story, we've come up with a plan that, by default, gives me more time at home. For any of you who don't know, we have a one year old son, Jack. John and I decided that Cathy (my awesome mother in law) shouldn't take the place of Jack's normal bedtime routine at his house, although I know Jack wouldn't mind. Therefore, weeknights I stop working at the house early, pick Jack up from his amazing Granny B's house, and bring him home for his bedtime routine. I mean, he already gets up at 5:30am every morning for the day...and if his schedule is off, it means even earlier.

So tonight John got to the house after work (HARD manual labor might I add) and starts "work" on his house at 4:30pm. By this point he's been up for almost 12 hrs...working. So, needless to say, he inherited his parents work ethic (insanity).

Earlier this afternoon I finished the popcorn ceilings and did a little trimming in the yard to avoid continuing to look like an eye sore. When John got to the house I dropped Jack at Granny's and headed over to discuss electrical. This brings us to a MAJOR pain...the previous renter was an electrician and custom installed switches and lights to his personal choosing, aka EVERYWHERE. There are roughly 20 switches in the living room/ dining room area! Needless to say, we are having a friend come over and repair, move, rewire and make sense of the chaos. Apparently, the attic looks like a spaghetti factory exploded up there. The top photo is of the wall in the living room we're removing, we had to leave it like this until our bomb squad, I mean electrician could come and get all the wires taken care of so we can take it out completely.

This wall will be gone tomorrow, hopefully, once Jake removes all the wiring.


Tonight John started taking down half of the wall in the living room that shares with the kitchen (see above photo). We wanted to open up part of the kitchen to overlook the main living area.

This phot gives you a good idea how the kitchen will look with the wall turned into a 1/2 wall bar area. Can't wait! This might be the BEST change yet to come.

Here are the wires that went to 7!!! switches, Jake is moving them tomorrow.

Another shot of the wall that'll be turned into a half wall bar.

Tomorrow a family friend, John Scott is coming over to install our new shower hardware and valves, then we can get the walls on, and then we can start tiling....and then, and then, there's SO MUCH more to do :)

25 days until move in day!

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  1. Congratulations! I can't believe how much better it looks already just be removing all the old crap from the past owner. Wonder how they got all the cans and bottles into the walls. :)

    Anyway, looking good for only being 2 days in. Hang in there and keep on truckin. Although it's a lotta work, it will be so nice to get to customize the house to your liking and needs.
    xoxo, kc