Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our Kitchen, Piece by Piece by Piece

Well, the kitchen has arrived! We have the cabinets and appliances! The granite still needs to be picked up after everything is installed.

Range....somewhere in there.

I went all white for appliances, after cleaning my mother's stainless before Thanksgiving I vowed I would NOT get stainless with children....constantly cleaning those things! But, they are SO pretty.

This is the kitchen before the flooring was removed, but after all cabinets etc were removed.

Johns recipe for success, coffee and a beer - not sure if he was working on both.

The kitchen in the back of the uhaul. All 12 pieces of American Cherry cabinets.

The NIGHTMARE of staples hidden beneath the flooring in the kitchen. They're industrial strength staples spaced only 2 inches apart, covering the ENTIRE kitchen area. Mike removed a 4x3 area that took over an hour the night before....LONG haul! John and Mike are trying to remove them tonight, someone will need a back rub when they get home that's for sure.

Jack approves of the thermal ply that Grandad and John put over the hardwood to protect them until it's a livable home, aka, until the bulk of the reno is finished.

Heavy lifting in action.

A teaser of our granite :)

The eat-in portion of the kitchen area (looking towards the front door entry hallway (to give you an idea of the layout, the kitchen is shaped like an "L". The nook is the horizontal part of the L and the cabinets and appliances are in a galley like fashion, or the vertical part of the L.

Standing in the laundry/pantry nook, looking into the kitchen area.

Looking into kitchen from the dining room.

OUR pretty cabinets, I think they're beautiful... they had me at soft closing drawers and pull out shelves. Still need to purchase hardware for them...undecided at the moment.
The current plan: Mikes dad, Grandad Larry is coming in about a week to help install the cabinets for us (if you've seen Jack in his rocking chair he got for Christmas, you know the man has skills). I think after tonight's staple removing party I have convinced the guys (John) to focus on the hall bathroom so we can get closer to our move in date. That's our house tonight, check back soon and have a VERY happy New Year!

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