Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Floors- Check, it's Kitchen Time!

We have finished the hardwoods and they look scrumptious. I just love the way they turned out. This will allow us to turn our attention onto other parts of the house like kitchen, bathrooms and carpeting in the bedrooms.

Jacks FIRST time playing in the living room! Finally, he can be put down on the ground! He thinks they're perfect.

Grandad thinks differently and they start to look for imperfections.

High five, they are good to go now.

Jack helping Daddy,
Jack to mom: "These guys are crazy, the floors are perfect! Let's move onto the rest of the house people!"

Jack: "Grandad, they look fine. Just let me play!"
Grandad: "They could be more perfect, Jack, I'll make them perfect!"

John and Mike decided to put one more coat of varnish on to make them MORE perfect, so they are done and they look amazing. Now, we move onto the rest of the house. Today it's kitchen talk.
We bought our kitchen last week and part of the less than $4,000 price tag is having to pick them up and install them ourselves. A lot of work, but totally made getting to buy a kitchen at all a reality. In case we haven't mentioned, we are doing our entire reno for $15,000, which is A LOT of money, but not the norm for a project this size....unless you can/are willing to do all the work yourselves.
We are driving a uhaul, due to forecasted rain, to Richmond on Thursday to get our cabinets and dropping them at the house. We hope to do a little work on them this weekend. Once the cabinets are installed we'll call United Granite with our official measurements so they can cut the granite to fit perfectly. Once that is done we'll pick up the granite slabs, all 3, and hand them over to some trained pros to install them for us.

I still have to pick out tile flooring, pendant lighting and most likely the dining room light will have to be returned...part of getting a whole kitchen for cheap is that we had 5 choices of wood so we didn't necessarily get what we had always envisioned. I wanted white, but now we'll have beautiful American Cherry wood, which is great! Now, however, I have to rethink pulls, knobs and lighting. No biggie, just back to the drawing board. I am lucky to get a new kitchen at all, life could be a whole lot worse.

Appliances arrived and are awaiting to be put in their permanent homes. Hopefully bathroom work will resume sooner than later since that's what will allow us to move in sometime in the near future. Being a camper and river guide at heart I can rough it in a kitchen like the best of them so I'm leaning towards getting the bathroom done and getting to the kitchen as we go (read: once we get to move in)...but it's exciting to see it all coming together.
Video: Jack and his Grandad working on the house.

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