Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Stain and Kitchen News

I went over the the house today to select a stain. John and I would LOVE to go DARK, but know that it shows dirt like no other....and it's pretty taste specific and that fad will probably change soon. So we went with something darker than what you usually see in houses, but not the dark dark. Here were our choices:

They actually look a lot darker in person. The darkest is in the middle, lightest is far left (duh, right) and we went with the far right...which is actually slightly darker looking in person. After waiting all day, making a trip to United Granite in Richmond (a must see kitchen warehouse with great prices) we came "home" to this....

We couldn't go in because we didn't want to damage them so I'm excited to see them in the light of day tomorrow. Back to United Granite. They are located in Richmond...we are getting kitchen cabinets, an undermount sink and 3 slabs of granite for a steal! It's a wholesale place that sells to contractors, usually not to families. We told them that we're trying to renovate our entire house for half a kitchen budget and they hooked us up big! So, if you're ever in the market for a new kitchen give them a try, they're about half the price of Home Depot or Lowes and we upgraded to granite. I hope it turns out as nicely as we expect. You'll see for yourself in a couple of weeks :)
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  1. Love the floors, can't wait to see the kitchen!