Saturday, December 18, 2010

Texturing and Painting Day


Mike and John enlisted the help of two dear friends, Erec DeVost and Bob Martin to shoot texture through the entire house. It looks very "Out Break" (early 1990's movie) in the house with everything covered in plastic and taped off.

I'm sure their necks, backs, and arms are still burning today! THANKS guys, it looks great. Here's how it looks this morning. ANd in the words of my awesome sister-in-law, Melissa, it looks so much better in person :)

Plan for the day is to paint 2 coats of primer throughout the house and a finish coat on the ceiling.

Mike and John painting and back rolling.

Between John and my family we have 5 official holiday parties of some sort (including my mother-in-laws birthday) so that definately slows us down quite a bit in terms of house headway. Luckily the floor guys will be making a big visual impact on the house starting floors Tuesday the 21st and finishing Wednesday the 22nd. We will (and by "we" I mean most likely John and his wonderful dad) will apply the varnish coats...all 3, which take at least 1 day between coats to dry. So hopefully, we will be able to work in the house again come Monday the 27th, because I am going to try to keep John and Mike out of the house on Christmas Day. We'll see...

Painting and back rolling our new BIGGER closet :)

So much dust, paint, texturing mud in the air = fuzy photo.

Inspite of all things house related, we are scheduled to move out of our rental New Years Eve. We are assuming that unless we find our often misplaced magic wand, we will be headed over to John's parents house for a couple of weeks until the house is in a more livable state (ie: a working bathroom). That being said, we hope to move all of our stuff over to the house (aka construction zone). Goals after the floors are finished are to paint the office and all of the bedrooms so they will be "done" in the sense that we can move stuff in to store (read: pile everything from floor to ceiling) and in the garage and rafters until we are able to physically move in and LIVE in our new house and start making it a home.

Keep you posted

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  1. That is amazing. Like seriously AMAZING :-) I have goodies for you guys, btw. SO let me know when you are around this week so I can bring them by!!!