Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Focus on the Positive

So last night we had 3 friends come in to do some work on the house, well one came to give us an estimate for work. The result: electrical is going to be more awesome and less expensive than estimated, the plumbing in the bathrooms is going to be a bigger pain in the butt than expected, and the floors, kitchen living room bar will take longer than expected (but be even better than previously expected). So there is a lot of great news, but I can't help but focus on the "longer than expected" part. Right now it's not too much longer...a week maybe, and I KNOW it'll be worth it, but this will most likely change our move in date. One thing I've learned so far, is that time lines change, plans change and you have to be flexible. We knew all this going into it, but when you hear it, it's no fun.
So I'll focus on the positive, I have an amazing, hardworking husband, very supportive and hardworking in laws, wonderful friends and extended friends who come out to help for little or nothing, WE OWN A HOUSE and should consider this adventure to be a privilege, the whole process is actually quite fun and exciting...even with less than ideal news, and finally, it will all get to a livable state at some point :)
Here's what was done yesterday, day 5
I finished all the popcorn ceilings.
Bathroom plumbing started and almost finished.

Electrical started and almost finished (both plumbing and electrical should be done today). He pulled out tons of wiring from the attic, removed dozens of outlets, switches, phone jacks and cable adapters.

Met with a side job contractor who will help us put in the header for the living room kitchen bar wall removal, and he will help fix the GIANT patch of missing hardwood in the living room.

So far it seems that the hold up will be the floors, which puts off a we shall see (my new motto).

John and my father in law, Mike will remove the living room entry wall tonight.

Hope you have a great Wednesday, we'll keep you posted. More photos later today.

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