Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cha, Cha, Cha Changes

Well, folks today is the day that kitchen cabinets are going up and in and out of the living room. This is may-ja (major). Check back later this weekend for more updates on kitchen progress. I snapped this about an hour ago and I cannot wait to check back in a few more hours. Larry is one talented man!

These photos are all from earlier this week. Right now Mike is tiling our bathroom floor with the pretty 18x18 Travertine. These are photos prior to backer board being down and mudding being completed.

Hall bath.

Our laundry/pantry earlier this week, prior to mudding, paint and backer board. Larry will be building a pantry for us on the right side of the space and our stacker washer and dryer will be on the left.

I have been HUNTING daily for a new-to-us dresser for Jacks room. I wanted real wood and something with a little character. Everything I found via craigslist etc was already sold by the time I got to them. After a week of scouring, I found this for free down the street of our new place. Real wood, just needs a little tlc. I already reinforced the drawers making them nice and sturdy. Just needs a light sand and a new coat of white. The drawers are really easy to open, unlike the previous dresser.

The 3 of us installing the backer board in the kitchen.

All ready for Grandad Larry to install the cabinets.

Fireplace oh, fireplace. To paint white or not to paint white...that is the question. We are leaning toward painting it, but haven't quite decided yet. Definitely painting the mantle though.

Jacks room with the new carpeting.

Guest room.

Our master bedroom. Love the new carpteing, Thank you Craftman Flooring and Bob Hatfield (and Sharon for suggeting him).

This is our walk in closet. We took out the closet "hardware" and Grandad Larry has added this to his list of projects. THANK YOU! That's all for now. There should be a lot more progress come Monday. Moving out of our place VERY soon, hoping to be moving into our new, FIRST place in less than 2 weeks. Here's hoping!


  1. "That's all for now". Good lord woman. That's a LOT!

  2. Looks GREAT Ang! We are due for a little visit soon!