Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lemons Into Lemonade

Today was full of the unexpected, and instead of getting upset, we went with it and ended up with something better than originally planned. The day started with John and Grandad Larry working on installing the kitchen cabinets and Mike working on the Hall bathroom flooring. A good family friend, Steve came over to help the guys with the kitchen and the ball started quickly rolling. Unfortunately, we were derailed by a MAJOR situation, our Bar-side counter cabinets didn't FIT!!!!

John and I take FULL credit for our DOH! It's actually quite embarrassing, but we signed up to tell you the good the bad and the ugly, so here goes. The first place we went to price out cabinets was Home Depot. They spent about an hour and a half with us laying out the kitchen and all our measurements we brought in...then we got to the range....recently bought we couldn't remember how wide it we guestimated 28 inches (which the woman assured us was a "standard size") well, we never went back and looked at how wide it actually was, switched retailers, gave them the Home Depot plans and never looked back.

Well, it turns out our range was 30 inches wide and therefore threw off all the cabinets and pushed them past the wall....our cabinets would hang out past the wall over 2 inches. Wah, wah, wah....

Well, we went with it. John and I ran to Lowes to buy supplies to extend the wall about 5 inches. When we got back to the house Mike arrived and slapped up the wall, now we have more room and was able to add another upper cabinet! It turned out to be a GOOD thing. Ahh, I love lemonade.

Here's the rest of our day:

Before we realized we had lemons

Love my new faucet.

Grandad Larry comes fully equipped with tool box and all to install the cabinets. I believe, and I quote, I heard him say, " This is really hard...(to install the cabinets) I usually custom build the cabinets and then install, that's much easier"....yeah he's a big deal.

This is our wall....extended to fit the lower cabinets.

Larry at work.

Mike, mudding the new wall.

Larry, the cutest little carpenter.

Mike and I started placing and cutting the Travertine for the Hall bath.

Ok, so here are the upper cabinets we ordered to put under the bar area. When opening the bar we were losing a TON of upper cabinets. We decided to place them under the bar so as not to completely lose the storage. Well, here they are, but we were supposed to have one more set under the bar...but after we added the extra 5 inches on the wall to accommodate the lower cabinets on the other side, we had room to take one of these and add it in the kitchen side. YEAH, more usable in-kitchen cabinets, score!

We had to stop at this point on the range side to let the mud dry on the extended wall. We hope to finish them tomorrow.

The bathroom flooring coming along, I LOVE that Travertine.

What's this? Furniture IN a room?

Wha, wha, what? More furniture? Yes, we have started to m-o-v-e!

Plan for tomorrow: more bathroom floor, more kitchen cabinets, pantry built and master closet built. Wish us luck and here's hoping for smooth sailing.


  1. Ok, is Grandpa Larry single? I'm looking for a date!!!!!

  2. It is looking so great you guys! Larry is so great, he looks so cute in his jean and sweet cap! He really is talented! The bathroom floor looks awesome, and Jack's room looks great too! I think the blue walls look good with the white furniture. Can't wait to come by and see it! You guys are kicking butt!

  3. i think it's really amazing that you just ran to lowes to buy supplies to build a new wall- like that's no big deal or something :)

    it looks amazing, btw!