Saturday, January 29, 2011

Team Grout

Appliances have been delivered and are looking mighty fine fully clothed. I can't wait to see what's hiding beneath all that plastic!

All the tiling is done and today we are grouting the shower. We are SO excited that grout makes everything look better and hides little imperfections (not that we're amatures or anything), we are fully embracing our Team Grout status and how much better tilers grout will make us appear.

Grandad Larry is back and tackling the cabinet crown molding. Looking good so far!

"Dad, want some help grouting the shower?"

Grandad Mike worked on making the master bathroom a little less pit like.

Jack approves of dad's grout job!

In other news...we returned our hall bath vanity and upgraded to a larger size with more storage for only $40. Once we took it out of the box and had it in the space we realized we could upgrade in size...YEAH! Especially excited about this because it'll be our main and only bathroom until we can get to the master bathroom. Here's the one we got-

The toilet is in, but we need a new gasket so after a HD trip tomorrow it should be up and running. Also on the agenda for tomorrow is finishing the cabinet crown, crown molding throughout the house, cleaning up the house a bit, grouting the kitchen floor and then we wait for the grout to set for 48 hrs and apply a sealant. We'd like to get appliances in once that's ready. John's already pushing off our projected move in day of Monday or Tuesday and saying "next weekend"... at this rate we might live in the house by Jacks 2nd birthday :) I haven't given up hope yet....naive me ;)

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