Friday, January 28, 2011

Thumbs Up All Around

The last cut has been made and the very last tile has been set in the kitchen! On to operation grout! John did a great job and I love the way it turned out. This weekend we focus on grouting, crown molding (Grandad Larry came back up to help with that), installing the toilet and bathroom vanity (hopefully), installing garbage disposal, and finish bathroom tiling. This is a tall order considering I will be with Jack most of the weekend....go-to Granny is taking a well deserved weekend with Gram to visit Jen in Oregon.

Done and DONE!

Getting my tiling on with my beer shelf, er...I mean soap shelf.

Shower is almost complete, we have 4 more rows to finish on the plumbing wall (left side) and then it's on to grouting.

Sneak peek of bathroom textiles :)

And here's the slide in that we ordered yesterday. It should arrive in about 2 weeks. So if we do, in fact, move in sometime early this coming week I will be harnessing my inner river guide and cooking on the Coleman stove for about a week or so before it arrives. Our new fridge and dishwasher will be delivered to the house tomorrow! SOOO excited for those to get all hooked up. Forgive the MINI photos, but the site would only allow me to copy them at this size, gives you a LITTLE idea of what we're working with.

Here's to another weekend of work, 2 months going strong...

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