Sunday, January 16, 2011

Explosions, of Many Varieties

Explosion is the word that best describes the past few days. Explosion of stuff, explosion of granite, and sadly....explosion of the stomach flu.

On Moving day Jack exploded! With the stomach flu...and let's just say it's a good thing we hadn't had our carpets cleaned at our rental yet...yes, a lot of information, but it got a whole lot worse and I will spare you from that.

After several hours at the doctors office and then the ER radiology lab (where Jack "exploded" in the lobby) we confirmed that it wasn't a hard-to-pronounce condition involving the intestines, it was just the stomach flu. While Jack, Granny and I were dealing with this at the doctor's office, John, Mike, John Scott and our go-to Erec D got to work on finishing moving us out of our rental. Well, suffice it to say we will not be moving into our house ourselves...we are nestled in with John's parents until our house is in a more Jack-friendly state.

Due to the fact that I wasn't able to tie up lose ends the day of moving (because I was dealing with Mr. Jack and his explosions) we are now left with this terrifying EXPLOSION of STUFF at our house. I think this makes us look like we're major hoarders, and I am already planning my garage sale in the spring. This is what I call moving in desperation...Toss it Anywhere and Everywhere.

Thursday night Jack seemed to be getting better and I was up at 2am to 8am with the stomach flu myself and slept the ENTIRE day, all of it :( Looks like my little man thought he'd share with his mommy. My in-laws were next on Jack's stomach flu hit list. Luckily someone was spared, John has been puke free...YEAH!

More of the hoarding insanity, I am SO not excited about this mess.

And lastly, our beautiful master that is really giving off that home away from home retreat vibe...hahaha, one day.

Our lovely new closet all finished and ready for those clothes piled on our bed to be tucked away.

Sunday was GRANITE explosion day, finally an explosion of goodness. It get's a lot better from here on out, promise.

Family friends of Mike and Cathy's had their granite counters cut and installed by Art. He truly delivered today, I was squealing with delight watching our kitchen transform.

Art at work.

John and Mike laying the granite after the adhesive is laid.

Ta DA!!!!

I can actually hear angels singing, can't you? Oh, that's just me...ok :)

Cutting more granite in the driveway.

It's all coming together.

That's all for now, more to come later this week.
BIG, giant thank you to Mike and Cathy for taking in their miscreant family for an indefinite amount of time WITH the stomach flu. Not only did they take in a sick group of family, but they worked through sickness themselves, helped with Jack (who was sick) while they were sick and helped clean our rental so it would be ready for the Jensens. Man, I have a lot to be thankful for this week!

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