Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Well Lit Mess

With the exception of our pendants, which need little light bulbs, we have LIGHT! The following post is a tour of reveling in Jake B's lighting job and some other odds and ends.

Our bar area is finished. Jake placed the pendants at varying heights so we could determine which one worked for us. Unfortunately we scored these lights at HD for less than $50 each so the aren't customizable. It's one height or the other. We are thinking of going with the shorter height so while people are seated at the bar they won't be staring at the pendant, but the short length looks, well... a little short. This was an easy decision however, the long is too long, so short it is.

Jake makes one more trip down below to finish up the lighting. (Sorry for the blurry photos, I tried not to use the flash to capture the "real lighting" feel which resulted in slightly blurry photos.

This is where the pendants look a little funny. The short, looks a little short, but that long is just too long.

Eat in area of kitchen.

Our walk in master closet. Thinking I'll move the dresser to the right wall that backs up to the master (one-day) bathroom.

Possible kitchen tile?

Another possible tile choice, the one that Mike, Becky B and I liked. Hard to really "get" the color in these photos. But they are both ceramic, 18 inch tiles. One has more yellow and one is more neutral brown-gray, which is the winner so far.

So here's a better shot of the pendants and their heights. We are changing both to the short length. I think they look fine short from this side, but a little funny from the other side.

Finished bar. This was an area of contention for John and I. John has proven to be VERY helpful, and yes, often right when making certain construction/design choices. Notice the small "mini bar" if you will on the left, on top of the half wall. We didn't know how to finish that, wood cap or granite? Everyone said granite, and I thought it would look weird and out of place, but they couldn't have been more right. With Art's expertise it tied it all together and made more sense of the wall.

Progress in the hall bathroom, shower backer board up and getting us closer to tiling! Check back soon.

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  1. Shorter length is better! If you want a medium height, you can always get them cut and welded together! Put that at the BOTTOM of your list of thing to do though! :) LOOKS GREAT!!