Sunday, January 30, 2011

Is That a House I See Under All That Construction?

The protective sheets and cardboard have been removed from the floor and bathtub, toilet is in and the vanity is almost plumbed. It's looking like an actual bathroom in there these days. The shower is all grouted and we just need to attach the shower fixtures. Wow, I cannot believe how close we are getting to LIVING here!

Mike getting the plumbing ready for the sink top.

"Dad, I'm ready for my bath."

Sink top for bathroom vanity.

Jack has a thing for toilets, and I actually don't mind him playing with this new one. I think he's in heaven. Vanity without the hardware on, need to add the pulls.

Light fixture in the eat in area of the kitchen. We think it'll be more of a play area and we'll use our dining room for dinner time. We'll see once we actually get in and settled.

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