Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I Think it's Just Lemons Today

Well, it's happened...a mishap without a positive spin. Mike did a beautiful job of grouting the Hall bath last where are the photos you ask? Well, unless you'd like to see the same photo from yesterday I have nothing for ya. He grouted the floor, a family friend came over (who has been a tiler for 30 plus years) and told us we (I bought) the wrong grout. Or rather the Home Depot guy told me to buy the wrong grout :( Insert big pouty lip here. I guess, luckily it was caught before it dried and they were able to remove it. I bought a NON sanded grout, which I was told was best for Travertine with small grout spaces. Apparently, this is not the case and we should have used sanded grout. BUMMER, a bummer that probably delays our move in date. But, it is what it is and we're moving on. No matter what comes next I vow not to have the "poor-me-I'-renovating-my house-and-I-have-to-wait-to-move-in" blues. I will focus on the "I'm-very-blessed-be-patient" tune instead.

Above photo of the painted pantry. Looking good :)

Our new recessed lights in the kitchen.

Furniture IN the living room...I can almost see evenings with the fam, almost.

Painted Master walk-in closet.

I wish I had more updates and better news, all I know is ONE day we WILL be living here, gosh darn it. Tonights plan of attack, RE grout the hall bath, finish painting, I am staying home to pack up the rest of the's so empty over here is echos. Another benefit to me staying home is that the guys don't feel me breathing down their necks in anticipation. The last thing I want to do is add to their stress. We'll be out as of Friday and most likely at our wonderful in-laws. THANKS to them, we will not be homeless. I also wanted to take this time to thank my mother-in-law Cathy for being our Go-To awesome babysitter during all of this, we couldn't do it without her. Thank you SO much for taking such good care of our little man. Thank you also to all of those who have babysat, offered to babysit and thank you to all those who cheer us on. It all helps us keep on trucking.

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