Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tile Choices and Ideas

Here are some ideas to keep me focused on my tile expeditions throughout the house.

Backsplash for the kitchen...I'm thinking a light cream subway tile. Stark white really doesn't go with any of the kitchen granite/tile/fixtures etc (except for the fact that our appliances will be white). We are hoping that our savings in the bathroom shower tile will make this possible, read more on that below.
As for the flooring in the kitchen, we haven't made any choices yet, but I would like a pattern similar to this one.

And this one....but not on a diagonal. Cathy and I made the rounds at 3 tiling stores in the area and were told that to do a diagonal pattern increases the need to purchase 15% more tile, money I am not willing to spend. ESPECIALLY since I talked John into tiling the office too. My hope is to unify the spaces a bit more and replace the (once new) carpet tiles we installed right at the beginning of demo because they are now needing to be demo'ed themselves :( Too soon of an install makes for yucky carpeting in a construction zone.

Here's the basic white, 4x4 square tiles for the hall bathroom. Nothing special, pretty run of the mill, but totally neutral and will be hidden behind our shower curtain anyway. We bought all of the tile at the Restore, Habitat for Humanity store in Santa Rosa for VERY cheap (along with our solid surface sink top for the hall bathroom, photos coming soon). These savings enabled us to go big on the Travertine for the hall bath floor and to beef up our backsplash in the kitchen. Why spend more on tile that will be hidden anyway, especially when it allows for putting money toward the stuff you want to showcase.
Tiling in the shower should start this week! Stay tuned.

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