Monday, January 24, 2011

What a Week!

Don't worry we're still moving and a grooving over here despite not posting for almost a week! I have heard from many of you so sorry to keep you waiting :) Once we were all nursed back to health we were able to get a lot done around our little home. Here's what's been going on-

The kitchen was vacuumed out and unpacked.

Pretty rose in our front yard.

We ran into another (major) issue, dun dun, dunnnn. Our new appliances were purchased on Black Friday at a steal of $723 for a dishwasher, gas range and mount microwave. Well, it turned out to be too good to be true when we brought them into the kitchen this weekend and found out that the range stuck up past the bar a good 5 plus inches, so while at the bar or in the living room you'd be staring at the stove back. John said that he WILL NOT have that and so we begin our quest to try and return/exchange them tomorrow when they are open. WISH us luck. This, however, will surely put us past our budget because I am sure we will not score such a good deal this time around :( After further research, I've discovered that the only range that will work is something called a slide in range. AND of course they are MUCH more expensive than regular ranges, however, they look pretty sharp....more on this later this week (grimace).

Bar pendant in all their lit glory.

Operation unpack has begun.

Jacks room.

Sink almost all hooked up, still need to install the garbage disposal and attach the spray hose at the end of the faucet.

Tiling in the kitchen and bathroom shower were the weekend focus and we are almost half way done in the kitchen and about 75% done in the shower area.

Still need to tile the eat in area and the office.

Our pattern.

Ahh, the shower :) This has been my undertaking, along with Mike at the saw making sure each tile that had to be cut was done so correctly. It's turning out much better than we all expected, I hope that continues as we tackle the plumbing wall and area above the window. Then we install the vanity and toilet which, knock on wood, should be pretty straight forward.

Our corner shelf

New bathroom fixture.
Well, we're almost there and think that we'll be able to move in Sunday, Monday or Tuesday...depending on appliance updates. WISH us luck, we'll need it. Thanks for being patient, we hope we delivered!


  1. Good luck! So exciting and it looks great :-)

  2. So fun to see all this! Good luck finding the right stove/range!

  3. We drove by the house today! You guys are a lot closer to us than I thought! You can just tell that there is a lot of love going on in there
    ;-) Can't wait to see it in all its glory!!